About Project

Lash Me Now Beauty provides products that combine luxury and glamour with safety and quality. The goal of this project was to create a welcome email sequence to engage and interact with the audience. The flow consists of seven emails that were designed and coded in HTML.


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dreamweaver


Three Weeks




Lash Me Now is a cosmetic brand, and its audience are generally ladies. But this is a broad audience, and we had to narrow their audience and make it specific to help us create the right flow for this campaign. So we used certain criteria to create a specific target audience; making reference to past customers, and the brand’s customer persona, we used that data to create a lookalike audience. This process guided me while creating the design and copy.


We started our welcome email series with a sequence of three emails. The first focused on telling our audience what we do, our experience, and a glimpse of our products.

We went forward to tell them our story and encouraged them to participate in a quiz. 



One of the goals for this project was to increase sales of the products and we had a few conversions in that regard. After looking at the report from that flow. It was clear that we needed to generate new qualified leads, make our product appealing and commands the attention we desire, and make them an incredible offer so they can try our products.


After the flow was concluded, we looked at the analytics from the campaign; like link clicks, open rates, conversion based on certain links on the email. This data was used to create segments based on user interaction and will be used to better inform future campaigns and for personalization.