About Project

Citylife International Realty is an award-winning estate agent and international property consultant. The aim of the project was to automate their weekly newsletter, engage contacts, and most importantly to make more clients. This is a weekly email automation achieved on MailChimp; It consists of 37 emails to be sent out weekly.  

This project was divided into two segments, the first segment consists of 21 emails for ”CITYLIFE” and the second segment 16 emails for ”AURIENT”. 


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 


Four Months



Project Process

During the cause of the project, I was given materials and instructions to aid me to design the email templates, and over time, I offered consultancy service helping their team understand and use Mailchimp efficiently since they have little experience working with the CRM. I worked with the instructions given, and reached out to the client at every point, to review the progress, and be sure the project was going as planned. 


Citylife flow consisted of 21 emails that were sent out in the automation flow. Contacts for this campaign were pulled out from wufoo forms which were synced with MailChimp. The emails were sent out weekly and after a while into the campaign, changes were made to the template and sent time.  


This was the final part of the project. In total, Aurient flow consisted of 16 emails, similar to Citylife, the same process was initiated to create and schedule the campaigns. 


While working on this project, our time zone was far apart, and it was a bit challenging, but I was able to meet up with the client during their work hours, responded, and asked questions over calls, just the ensure the project moves smoothly.


The project ended well, and the client was happy with the outcome. During a consultation call, he confirmed to me that he had got several replies that have lead to closing deals.


After the automation sequence had been concluded, I was still in contact with the team for about two weeks, to offer assistance on mail chimp when necessary for.