About Project

Story IQ is a team of seasoned professionals with experience in marketing, insurance, biotech, higher education – and almost every industry in between. The aim of this project was to create an email template and content for their webinar. I collaborated with their team and with our efforts, we pulled through with the project.


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 


Three Weeks




Story IQ Team

Template Wire Frame

After discussing the deliverable for the contract, the team suggested I designed a wireframe so they could have an overview of the template. So I designed a wireframe which I presented to the team, and it was accepted. 


After the wireframe has been approved, I worked on the content for the invite and it was reviewed and edited by the team as well as different template variations.  

Final Design

We worked on various designs especially for the hero image and we finally came out with a unique template design to invite their contacts to the webinar. 


I had a remarkable experience working on this project with Story IQ. I had all the help I needed from the team and the goal of this project was reached.